Chorka Cares

Making a Difference in the SocietyWe Live in

Chorka’s fundamentals are rooted in the philosophy of going beyond business. The company has a keen eye on the environmental issues plaguing the world and we are more than committed to working collectively to create a safer, thriving world for the citizens of tomorrow. Our actions are reflected in what we do and maintain the integrity of the environment and the communities in every country where we across the globe.

We are our society and change starts from us; These philosophies are portrayed in even the smallest of everyday tasks within our company. Our managers and floor inspectors are extensively trained to keep a keen eye on any possible wastages at any point of the supply chain. Problem-solvers from this category are justly awarded and incentivized.

We are proud to introduce our “Mothers @ Work” program for our employees who are expecting their child. Facilitating them via this project, we ensure a fine work-life balance for the new mothers; enabling them to both continue their work life as well as enjoy the priceless blessings of parenthood. Ensuring the nutrition of our workers is also one of our core priorities. Hence, apart from subsidizing the everyday meals, Chorka has also established a Tasty Treat outlet to help the employees indulge in the country’s best bakery items and engage in conversations; leading to cross-departmental sharing of ideas and innovation.

As a leading conglomerate in the textile arena, we aim to play our part in addressing global and local environmental and social concerns through our actions and working in partnership with stakeholders at local, national and international levels.