Chorka Textile is a technologically advanced knit garment manufacturer exporting over $ 100 M annually. Our key strength is having a vertically integrated manufacturing system. Staying ahead of its competitors in several fields related to production and sustainability.

The vertical setup ensures ethical, high-quality goods and on-time delivery. Equipped with state of the art automatic and semi-automatic machinery and employing around 6000 employees, Chorka textile limited has the capacity to produce 7.5 million pieces of clothing per month and its constantly investing to bring innovation, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

Chorka’s mission is to go beyond compliance with global quality standards and to maintain ethical values for the dignity and rights of our employees and others. Chorka has its own sourcing office in Guangzhou, China. It’s a sister concern of Pran –RFL Group, one of the biggest and most advanced conglomerates in Bangladesh with 2.3 Billion annual turnovers.


Our mission is to provide global quality standard products by maintaining compliance and ensuring benefits for our employees according to labour law and to explore potential market and opportunities through innovation.


Chorka Textile Ltd activities will be associated with the highest possible standard of quality to achieve its long term goal and become a frontrunner in sustainability in Textile Industry. Our Sustainability program will promote respect for the environment & comprise interventions of environmental degradation, and become one of the best cohesive textile enterprise, driven by ambitious quality, analysis with a leadership position across merchandise and markets where customer satisfaction will be exceeded. Our customer’s requirements will be fully filled with the best products, and always make them feel that they are receiving prominent value for their money.

Financially very strong,  we are in pace with global initiatives over Speed to market, Sustainable raw material, Resource Optimization, Design & Innovation.
Constantly upgrading machines and increasing knitting & production capacities to match industry demand.

We assure meticulous management of KPI’s – 

   • On time Delivery.
   • High Quality Standards
   • Sustainability
   • Price Competitiveness.

Chorka Textile Limited in Numbers:

   • 103 Production Lines.
   • 4600 Sets of Machines.
   • 7,500 000 Pcs Per Month Capacity
   • 6,000 Total Employees

Production Capacity item Wise:

   • 2.5 Million Pieces per month Knit Items.
   • 500,000 Pieces per month Bras.
   • 2.00 Million Pieces per Month Girls & Ladies Panties
   • 2.00 Million Pieces per Month Men’s Briefs & Boxers
   • 600 Pieces per Day Sample Room Capacity.

The term “Sustainable Development” Includes poverty reduction, human development including health and job oriented education and sustainable environmental management.

Chorka Textile devoted to bring leaders in Sustainability on all aspect.
OEKO-TEX Standard 100 accreditation on all sites as well as impactful solutions to reducing water and energy consumption. Resulting in lower water, energy and chemical usage.

Reducing pollution and cut operational costs, improving productivity and competitiveness, all white growing and providing safer work environments.

Chorka has been providing H&M with quality product mad with BCI cotton since 2015.

Exporting a yearly consumption of 1.6 Million tons BCI cotton Yarn, 
Also providing quality product with BCI cotton to other high visibility customer such as OVS, The Children Place, Walmart and Monoprix.

For Walmart we are providing Recycle Polyester. Our Sourcing Capabilities in sustainable fibers is a great advantage.

Board Of Directors

Md. Eleash Mridha


Ahsan Khan Chowdhury


Choudhury Atiur Rasul


Chowdhury Kamruzzaman


Uzma Chowdhury